Stop Drug Prohibition

Stop Drug Prohibition


Prof. John. H. McWhorter previews and the case that
ending the War on Drugs will yield decisive benefits to health, safety, and criminal justice.

Economist Thomas Sowell: “The Drug War is an example of a failure so broad, deadly, and indefensible, no official should support it . . . .” Show more

Retired U.S. Judge Marian Porter: “The War on Drugs almost makes the War on Alcohol look successful.  It’s a mystery it goes on.”  Show more

L.A. Police Captain Arthur Wiggins: “The best thing we could do for public safety is legalize drugs.  No one can even say why it still goes on.” Show more

Dr. Anthony Beloit: “The number of illegal drug labs in China and India alone exceed 100,000.  Legalization is the only way to succeed.”  Show more

Retired U.S. Attorney Sally Jacobson: “There is no supply-side answer to a demand-side issue.  All we’re accomplishing is . . . .” Show more

Retired Judge James Gray: “The greatest oxymoron in the world is ‘controlled substance.’  We lost all control with this War.” Show more