Stop Drug Prohibition

Stop Drug Prohibition

Truth 1: Drug Prohibition puts criminal enterprises in charge

Fmr. Police Chief Arnold Mueller, Prof. Denise Neufeld, Superintendent
Jonathon Lovechild, and others show how Drug Prohibition, like Alcohol Prohibition,
has created and empowered violent criminal enterprises in the United States and internationally.

Prof. James Bunch: “All one has to do is look at the billions of dollars generated for the cartels, the never-ending supply chain of kingpins, and the collapse of . . . .” Show more

Retired Arizona prosecutor Chandler Owens: “The only thing worse than continuing to lose the War on Drugs would be to win it.  The cartel war would be Armageddon.” Show more

Fmr. House member Philip Montross: “When entire countries are thrown into political chaos, it’s immoral not to notice the problems we’ve created.”  Show more

Dr. Anthony Beloit: “The number of illegal drug labs in China and India alone exceed 100,000.  Legalization is the only way to succeed.”  Show more

Police Captain Michael Stanger: “The War on Drugs is greatest friend the drug cartels ever had.  It’s time . . . .”  Show more

Retired Judge Mike Grayson: “There is no greater error for a system of criminal justice than to habitually create crime.” Show more