Stop Drug Prohibition

Stop Drug Prohibition

The Case Against Drug Prohibition

Concerned citizens are asking how a half century of Drug Prohibition has failed so completely, actually causing more disease, addiction, crime, violence, and death.

And those citizens want to know exactly what they can do about this national mistake.

Dozens of voices from law enforcement and other fields have now joined Prof. John H. McWhorter to create, a summation of the case against this mistake—and of the promising day ahead when it is replaced with sound policy.

To see your vital role in making a healthier, safer, and more just nation, we invite you to visit a series of short videos—starting with an Introduction and then covering Four Core Truths about Drug Prohibition, each corresponding to an actual outcome of this Prohibition:

  1. It puts criminal enterprises in charge.
  2. It makes the original problems overwhelmingly worse.
  3. It adds layers of devastating new problems.
  4. It blocks measures that can actually help.


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